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Autmo is a car parts marketplace with thousands of visitors daily. We are established in 2009 and operate in Estonia.

So how can we help with sales?



Today we have thousands of ads from hundreds of sellers.

Sales ads are our first service offered since 2009.

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Spare Part Queries

  • If you are selling new parts

You can make a request for all queries our customers send, or you can modify them. For example, you can also drop brands or models you are not interested in.

  • If you are selling used parts

By default, we send you all spare inquiries about the cars for which you have added an ad. You can also sign up to get access to all queries.

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Partner Sites

  • Benefits for partners

You can opt-in to get all spare part queries or request only those, which are for brands or models you are interested in. Please sign up and we will sort queries as you prefer right away!

  • Partner sites

Your personal shop in Autmo, for example You can use this in your marketing materials.

If you already have a homepage but are tired of renewing data simultaniously in several places, then we also can offer you a solution, where Autmo adds are also automatically visible on your webpage.


If you want to advertise in Autmo, then you can order ads from our partners SmartAd or Google.

Now, add your ad, order spare part queries, register as a partner or give us feedback


Contact details:

  • Company name: Varuosamees“ OÜ
  • Registration number: 11588232
  • E-mail:
  • Address: Karjääri 7, Maardu, Estija